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Bourbon’s Warm Glow

So here I sit this morning waiting for a weekend photography workshop up in the Smokies to be cancelled as it, of course, will be because it is most apparent that no last minute sweeping deal with instant results for park reopening. It’s enough to drive one to drink. And that brings us to my […]


  Early morning in Charleston–gallery windows.  Was this the Orient Express?  Was she waiting for you?   Click on image for larger view.

IR Time

It’s a scene I have shown a couple ways so now let’s change the tempo. We’ll do this nice walk of Charleston style urban seclusion in infrared. Changes the story. The image now sings a different song if you will. And why do this scene this way? Some would say, “Well I have a vision.” […]

Our Buddy

I had to make a quick run to Florida this past week. Could have rocketed down, attended to my business and rocketed right back to Charleston. That’s no fun as in really no fun. So I recruited a shooting partner to go back to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens to spend a morning wandering and shooting. Glad […]

East Passage 2013-09-09 07:24:23

Our fundamental approach to these Post Cards is a realization that the world around us is fundamentally more interesting than we are. This approach is obviously flawed because we only show what interests us. At least you folks get no shots of us in front of some random ice cream shop or, worse yet, by […]

All the Cool Tools

Old Car City is such an over the top place and I’m such a sucker for junk. There’s junker cars  & trucks everywhere – rust, peeling paint, missing body parts, overgrown weeds and poison ivy. Just a great place to play and be creative. The challenge is not joining in the mood of the place […]

Saturday night Special

We’re back up in the Georgia Mountains which means we are back at Old Car City, this time armed with new gear, the infrared camera and a borrowed fish eye lens. And we have a model, Tune Up Ted. This posed scene has been staged often at OCC, usually with some nice young thing doing […]

Soft Sun

As I was working on this image setting it up as a Post Card, a I got a request to have a family member, an art & photography teacher, added to our Post Card list. Complimentary indeed. Perhaps it was a subliminal hint because I looked at this image more analytically and became rather fond […]

Horizon Job

If one is not a professional photographer on assignment, all it takes to have a successful shoot is one shot. Just one shot. And that’s what we send out a single shot and then we move on. Sometimes we do indeed get just one acceptable shot. Edisto Beach was kind to us. Gave us keepers. […]

Beach Treest

The dawn was lovely but I was having trouble with the color using a new filter on my camera lens.  The images were too blue.  Time to retreat and try something else so on to software and textures.  This felt like the scene I saw even if it wasn&#821…