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Tuesday —- Ohio River to the Cumberland River

Day: 455   Miles Today: 49   Locks Today:  02   Total Miles:  5386   Total Locks: 146
It was a beautiful sunrise.  I woke up early and told the lockmaster that all the pleasure boats had agreed to be ready by 7:00 a.m.  We were hoping upon hope that he would find a way to let us go through because […]

Monday —- Diversion Cut to Ohio River

Day: 454   Miles Today: 91   Locks Today:  01   Total Miles:  5337   Total Locks: 144
At seven in the morning engines were started and anchors were up.  Out into the Mississippi we went.  Again it was swift.  It looked as though the water had risen overnight which meant more debris would be washed off the banks.  It was […]

Sunday —- Hoppie’s to Diversion Cut

Day: 453   Miles Today: 110   Locks Today:  00  Total Miles:  5246   Total Locks: 143
Yesterday afternoon while at Hoppie’s Marina, it was suggested by Fern that we visit the town restaurant for dinner.  Then we found out that the restaurant closed at 5:00 p.m.
So at 4:00 p.m. Gary, Maggie and I hiked it a quarter of a […]

Saturday —- Mississippi River, Alton IL to Hoppie’s

Day: 452   Miles Today: 44   Locks Today:  02   Total Miles:  5136   Total Locks: 143
We left at sunrise for our start down the Mississippi.  This is where the trip starts to get dicey. We were traveling fast again and at one point we reached 13.7 mph for a few minutes. I think that may be a speed […]

Friday —- Grafton to Alton IL

Day: 451   Miles Today: 15   Locks Today:  00   Total Miles:  5092   Total Locks: 141
We had a lazy start today because it was to be a short day.  Several of the boats left this a.m. and were headed to Hoppie’s but I wanted to stop and see Alton.
When we backed out of the Grafton Marina and turned […]

Thursday —- Illinois River MM 00 Grafton IL

Day: 450   Miles Today: 00   Locks Today:  00   Total Miles:  5077   Total Locks: 141
We actually slept in this morning.  Then at about 10:30 a.m. we borrowed a courtesy car and drove about 25 miles over to Jerseyville and visited a Wal-Mart, to replenish some of our supplies. When we returned we had four more looper boats […]

Wednesday —- Illinois River MM 20 Hardin IL Southbound

Day: 449   Miles Today: 20   Locks Today:  00   Total Miles:  5077   Total Locks: 141
Well, we ate at Mel’s last night and it was great.  There were nine of us at dinner and they poured on the food.  We all came back to the boat with take home boxes.  And they had home made pies.  Good eating. […]

Tuesday —- Illinois River MM 88 Beardstown Southbound

Day: 448   Miles Today: 68   Locks Today:  01   Total Miles:  5057   Total Locks: 141
Up at 5:00 a.m. and waiting for first light.  This was planned to be about a 65 mile day with one lock.  Anytime you have a lock, you are unsure of your travel time.
As I was signing on to my computer waiting for […]

Monday —- Illinois River MM 120 Tall Timbers Marina Southbound

Day: 447   Miles Today: 32   Locks Today:  00   Total Miles:  4989   Total Locks: 140
We had a short day planned today so we did not have to leave early.  However, after we arrived at Tall Timbers, we had four other Looper boats come in and they were docked just behind us which would make it extra difficult […]

Sunday—- Illinois River MM 178 Hamm’s Holiday Marina Southbound

Day: 446   Miles Today: 59   Locks Today:  01   Total Miles:  4957   Total Locks: 140
Last night we had dinner on the dock.  There were about 25 people of all ages, grandkids included.  We had lobster and shrimp and potatoes and corn and great deserts.  It was quite a feast.  Everyone was so friendly.  They have truly made […]