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Saturday, 4/30/11/Sunday, 5/1/11

Manhasset Bay, NY N40′ 50.533′/W073′ 47.067′/Clinton, CT  N41’16.200′/W 072′ 31.800 We departed Forked River Anchorage off Barnegat Bay at 6:00 a.m. with Sunny skies, winds 3.2 NE.  Barnegat Bay was smooth.  Very skinny water all the way through Barnegat all the way to Manesquan Inlet.  We took the Point Pleasant canal at the end of […]

Friday, 4/29/11

N 39′ 48.033′/W 074′ 10.967′ –  We departed Cape May, Utsch’s Marina at 6:30 a.m. stuck our nose out (as Luke the Captain said) to see if the Atlantic was calm and it was!  We buddy boated with DEBRIEF who led the way.  The plan was to get to Atlantic City by noon.   We had […]

Thursday, 4/28/11

Utsch’s Marina, Cape May, NJ  Hunkered down awaiting an open weather window to proceed.  Cloudy, windy, sunny, then thunderstorms & downpours.  Slept in to almost 8 a.m. A delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and leftover steak from Lobster House last night and half an pecan sticky bun, oj and sliced orange.  Changed the 2nd oil […]

Wednesday, 4/27/11

Ship John Shoal Light DE Bay Delaware River calm, sun peeking out Good-bye C&D Canal N 38’57.150′/W 074′ 54.417′ Left Chesapeake City, MD at 6:45 A.M. We were planning on staying until Friday, but the weather reports indicated bad weather coming in late tonight and tomorrow.  The water was flat, treetops were not blowing and […]

Tuesday, 4/26/11

Captivating views Elk Neck, Turkey Point Light name: Liberty name: Honor Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay Sunrise at Mill Creek N 39′ 32.700′/W 075′ 42.700′ Chesapeake City, MD free municipal dock We departed USN Marina Mill Creek, MD at 7:15 to a gorgeous sunrise.  Sunny, winds 13 SSW.  Chesapeake Bay calm which is a blessing […]

Monday, 4/25/11

Cherry Blossom Tree USN Marina Mill Creek, MD Annapolis Harbor Tanker Friendly Ma & Pa Osprey N 38′ 58.639′/W 076′ 29.188′ — USN Marina @ Mill Creek, Annapolis — Bright and early we departed from our anchorage in Solomons at 7:15 a.m.  The weather was sunny and the Chesapeake Bay was calmer than it was […]

Sunday, 4/24/11

Quiet anchorage Point to Point Light Which way Connecticut? Calm Chesapeake Bay USN Marina Norfolk N 38′ 19.233′/ W 076′ 27.283′ At the crack of dawn we gave praise to God for a beautiful sunrise.  So that element of our journey today was taken care of–a sunny day.  Now if the Chesapeake Bay could only be […]

Saturday, 4/23/11

A welcomed sight Navy Shipyard, Norfolk, VA Our van driver took us for provisions N 36′ 50.4′/W 76′ 17.9′ — U.S. Naval Air Station Marina, Norfolk, VA — The marina manager at Waterside marina, (where we docked last night) invited us to a van pool to the grocery store at 10 a.m.  We got acquainted with the […]

Friday, 4/22/11

1,217 miles from Key West Narrow path 6′ deep Going Up 8′! 7:30 a.m. bridge opening N 36′ 50.633′/W 076′ 17.617′ Norfolk, VA We orginally planned to sleep in, eat a leisurely breakfast, take showers and leave midmorning and catch the 1:30 lock opening at the southern end of the Great Dismal Swamp Canal.  But, […]

Thursday, 4/21/11

Elizabeth City Choppy ride on the Abermarle Departing Alligator River Marina N 35′ 54.333′/W 76′ 13.467′ Free dock @ Elizabeth City, NC  Last town in NC Left Alligator River Marina in Columbia, NC at 7:30 a.m.  Gray skies but Alligator R. calm at 14 knots from North.  But, out in the Albermarle Sound the wind […]