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Our dealer Heritage Yachts in Newport Beach is handling the sale.  Contact them for a full list of options.;
Contact our broker, Don Ross at
829 Harbor Island DriveNewport Beach, United States 92660Tel: (877) …

Catalina Photo Book

On the right side bar, click on “CATALINA PHOTO BOOK” to go to the Buoys & Gulls website then click on the Buoys & Gulls icon to view the Photo book information.
This book is must  have as it contains 200 beautiful photos of different items and locations on the island.
give Kirsty Moyser a call at […]

End of season update

We really did not get to cruise a lot this past summer due to demands from the business.  When time did permit, we escaped to the boat and hid out at the slip.  Spent a lot of quiet time reading, listening to music and just kicking back.
We are still on the marina’s waiting list to […]

March 3, 2011 Makai is almost ready for the season

With the delamination problem fixed, a couple of cracks in the gel coat repaired and a fresh coat of Marine Polish, the Makai is almost ready for the season.  Next is to haul out for bottom painting and have another coat of Propspeed applied.


We found a section of surface on the starboard side of the cabin that was delaminating. We notified our dealer, Heritage Yachts, who called in Steve Phelps of Cap’n Glass to assess the damage and determine what the cost would be to repair.  Steve made the quote to Dave Plotkin/Heritage Yachts, Dave gave the quote […]

April Update

Sad to say, we have not been able to spend too much time on the boat during the first quarter.  A combination of bad weather, rough water and a busy work schedule did not work in our favor.   Being house bound with the business did give me time to return to an old passion […]

Stern Light

After mounting the dingy on the new Sea Wise Davit in the raised position, the dingy hides the stern light which is against the Coast Guard Navigation Rules pertaining to lights.  We are having an additional mast mounted white light installed on the transom that will extend above the top of the dingy and provide […]

FLIR Is Working Again

Derek from Alcom reinstalled the FLIR Mariner camera and the system came up immediately on power up.  FLIR replaced our faulty unit with an upgraded model.  We can see the difference in contrast levels.  When the camera output is routed to the flats…

Sea Wise /Caribe Dingy install

        After many adjustments the dingy and the davit finally came together.

The Outboard had to be raised to clear the bottom (port side) pontoon.
Now to have the cover modified and wait for the conversion to electric and then we are done.

Sea Wise Davit Update 1

The installation of the Sea Wise Davit is more complex than it seems.  Alignment of  the attachment brackets on the dingy and associated hardware on the swimstep  is very precise.