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Officially moved to the new Blog

In case you still want to follow our blog but have not signed up on the new blog, our new blog address is  You can go there and register to receive updates as we begin to move once again. Karen and Stan  

Blog is moving, boat is not!

It seems that our hosting company is changing their business so that meant I had to figure out how to get us moved to another site.  Our new web address is below and if I did this correctly, you should just be able to click on the link and it will take you to the … Continue reading »

Happy Holidays and best wishes in the New Year!

Greetings from Key West and wishing all a safe holiday season.  We arrived on the 21st which is kind of remarkable since we had to pick our arrival date back in September and prepay for the dockage.  Quite a few times I figured we were going to be coming late but low and behold, we … Continue reading »

RIB cruising

Why go RIB cruising? Whilst many RIBs are used for diving, club safety, or racing, they are increasingly being bought by people who would, in the past, have bought ski boats or … read more →

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Buying a New RIB

Make sure you know what you are buying! Advice about buying new comes from Colin Jones, author of Rigid Inflatable Boats, with seven questions to ask your friendly RIB dealer. < Edit: … read more →

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Beyond what we expected

We decided to take the sea and land tour to Cumberland Island GA today that the National Parks Service offers.  We heard that there were wild horses, ruins and a mansion that we would visit.  On the ferry ride out we got to view a Nuclear Sub with escorts heading to sea.  One we got … Continue reading »

Flipper came to visit

and put on quite a show for us.                                                  

Thanksgiving Plus 1

A year ago and the day after Thanksgiving our car was packed like a sausage when we left CA heading east for parts unknown.  Were we going to find a boat??  Head to Europe on the cruise and then stay there??  Get an apartment in FL and hangout?? As we traveled across the country trying … Continue reading »

Rolling, crashing, creaking and banging…

Is what happens when you find yourselves unexpectedly in 8 foot seas.  Add a dose of seasickness and you get a good idea of how our latest 32 hours transit from Morehead City NC to Charleston SC turned out.  Thankfully the 8 foot seas occurred at night so we didn’t have the visual impact to … Continue reading »

Busy, Busy, Busy….

Once again I am falling down on my blog postings but it’s been a bit crazy as of late.  First up we had the “Sandy” dance while in Portsmouth VA.  It started with a huge geographical game of musical boats as we all tried to jockey into place for our seat at the show.  I … Continue reading »