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2017 Watercolors on paper, yarn and driftwood

Palau – March 6-8, 2013

September, 1944 (69 years ago) was the bloodiest battle of the Pacific Theater in World War II.  My dad served on the U.S.S. Willoughby (a PT boat tender) as a naval doctor and witnessed the battle, healed the wounded that he could, and watched as we lost 2000 Allied forces but gained the islands as […]

Nepal and Bhutan

I loved our youngest travel partner who played “Kathmandu” on his recorder as we flew along the Himalayan uplift into Kathmandu with Mt. Everest on the north side and the long green plains of India on the south of the plane.  It was a beautifully clear day!  Alan and I visited the town of Patan, […]


After a very long flight from London, we arrived about midnight to a light dinner at the Ritz Carlton which is next to the Sultan’s Palace outside of Muscat, the capitol. Our morning tour took us to the market place where shops sold food, garments, jewelry and art objects.  We noticed that young ladies were […]

125 year celebration of National Geographic Explorations- London

February 24th Alan and I left on British Airways flying to London–our first stop on this most incredible month-long trip to be spent with 60 other seasoned travelers and the key National Geographic explorers.  In London we stayed at the Four Seasons at Park Lane which was just a short hop to the West End […]

Lakewood Yacht Club, Seabrook, Texas and Last Blog!

Click the map to see the yellow line showing the route taken by the Muriel June for the American Great Loop. At noon today, we passed under the Kemah bridge and entered our homeport at Lakewood Yacht Club where Ken and Pat Griffin greeted us on the dock with a bottle of champagne and lots […]

Harborwalk, Galveston, Texas

You know you are back in Texas when you see a working “Pump Jack” Power shovel on a pedastal at the the new Galveston Railway Bridge. Operator needs to be sure he does not touch his forward and backward operating handles. Harborwalk, Galveston, TX A long and tense 85 miles got us to Galveston’s west […]

Sabine Pass, Texas!

White snow geese in field with hunters nearby. Semi-submersible (left) and Jack-up (right) drilling rigs are among the many in the area parked awaiting deployment as soon as Federal Drilling Permits are issued. We are finally back in Texas and it feels great!  Weather is perfect!   No alligators were spotted this morning as we cruised […]

Lake Charles, Louisiana

  Ah, L’Auberge du Lac and the transient docks—not a bad place to stay 100 miles from Galveston!  A very large alligator and several bald eagles were spotted along the way.  Alligator sunned himself along the channel bank and the bald eagle searched for fish competing with the many ospreys.  Again, we passed many tows […]

Intercoastal City, Louisiana

  A day of barges, barges and more barges along with workboats, shrimp boats, and oyster boats!  The Intracoastal Waterway from Morgan City to Intercoastal City winds through the coastal marshes across the Atchafalaya River and Vermillion Bay.  This is an area rich with oil and oysters.  Winter birds have arrived: white pelicans, yellow crowned […]