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This morning, heading into work, I was driving east on 9th Ave in downtown Calgary. The sun had just cleared the horizon and, as it is so close to the equinox, was essentially due east. There has been a little haze in the air the past day or two and this was the view. On […]

Ballooning in Drumheller

We got the whole family up in a hot air balloon this morning. We’ve joined the folks from the Calgary Balloon Club for their fall fly-in that they have each September in Drumheller.  It was really quite amazing to be drifting over the town and along the Red Deer River.  At one point were were […]

Bucket List?

My brother-in-law, Ronny asked me if sleeping in a teepee was on my bucket list. I had to say that it wasn’t. Now that I’ve survived a night in a teepee (it was damp, but not raining fortunately and down to about 5C). In fact we all survived and, having done so, I guess we […]

Cousin’s Birthday Bash

The annual summer birthday bash for all of the cousins on Brenda’s side of the family is today. We are at the Rocky Mountain House Historic Site and will be camping in a teepee tonight. The kids have had their gift exchange and we are sitting around the fire enjoying the quiet and watching the […]


The Allard family hopes that all of our family and friends have a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2011.  Come visit us on Salt Spring!

Pictures of Turkey

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Back To The Heat

The crew of New Paige returned to Turkey after spending almost 5 weeks in Canada and boy IS IT HOT HERE!  We flew into Istanbul and met up with friends Frank, Joni and Kiara from California.  We stayed in the Sultanahmet district of old Istanbul at the Ferman Hotel; very centrally located.  We were there […]

Allard’s Adventures 2010-07-05 17:53:31


Allard’s Adventures 2010-07-05 17:44:54

This group of pictures were taken at the castle in Bodrum, Turkey.