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Christmas and Friendship

We have a couple we met in New Bern about 4 years ago and they have become our friends. We were sitting at the kitchen table in their home one night and I realized that I wanted them to be able to meet some of the friends that we have met because of a common […]

Our Freedom

Our freedom A high price A price that changes people forever A price that pierces a mother’s heart A price that makes sleepless nights for fathers A price that makes children fatherless A price that makes single mom’s or dad’s Never do I want to take for granted that High Price Gratuitude One of the […]


I was able to go visit Kari and her family in the Marquette, Mi area. Justin is with the Air Force and they will be stationed there at least for the next three years. When I left to come back home to NC the temperature in Mi. was 23 degrees…. and they are not really […]

Trip South

We have some friends that live on their boat (yacht) in Southport, NC. They are planning a trip to Florida via boat the last part of October and stay the winter. We left the dock at Fairfield Harbor in New Bern and headed south on Pale Moon so that we could spend a few days […]

Oriental, NC

One morning we got up and it was so beautiful outside with the onset of the cooler fall weather that we decided to take a day trip to Oriental on Pale Moon. By boat Oriental is about a 3 hour trip in our little turtle trawler. By car when we go to Oriental we can […]

Afternoon Drive

We have a loner car to drive as the car we are driving is in the shop getting the air conditioner worked on. We have been wanting to go to the Bennett Vineyards which is about a 30 minute drive from where we have Pale Moon so we were on the road putting miles on […]


This summer cruising season we have taken Pale Moon on multiple day trips on the Neuse River here in the New Bern area. We did take off for a couple of weeks and took Pale Moon to the Oriental, NC area and stayed at one of our favorite marinas; River Dunes. The time we spend […]

God’s Providence of Timing

In March when we were traveling through the Kansas City area I was able to see my friend Jean. Jean talked to me about retiring from Little Treasures sometime this summer. (of 2012) At that time I did not think too much about returning to Olathe anytime soon as Ron and I had just traveled […]

Bringing the Heat from Kansas

Jodie, her two children, Jacob (10) and Kacie (7) along with her mother-in-law, Jan came to visit with us here in NC for five days. Ron and I had been looking forward to showing off the area around New Bern and a little of what life is like on Pale Moon. Well as it turned […]

Gwen’s Visit 2012

Sometimes the first time a visit takes place after an event like a death, the visit can be hard or it can be comforting. We were comforted to have Gwen come visit; Ron’s younger sister came to visit us and see the East Coast for the first time. (Ron and Gwen’s mother died Jan 2012) When […]