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BIG Announcement!

Sojourner’s former crew is very pleased to announce the berthing of their second boat:

Why Knot’s cruising adventures will be chronicled at

Surprise: A New Blog!

Sojourner is undoubtedly getting ready for a winter season of cruising and as her former crew, we (Carolyn and Susan), wish her the very best!! We are moving on as well,  and we’ve started another blog through which to share our new adventures! If you are interested, check it out @   It is called […]

Crew Change and New Adventures

It is with very mixed emotions that we announce a change in crew for Sojourner.   She now belongs to Barry and Barbara and will be cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. We wish them many great times on this very special vessel! For five years, almost to the day, Sojourner was the central focus of […]

Wintering in the Keys II

After spending the winter holidays in Port St. Lucie with Cousin Evie and then stopping in Ft. Lauderdale for Trawlerfest, we didn’t actually get to the Keys until early February.  When we finally headed there, we had great weather and followed the same route as last year (see: Nov. 2011 and 12/16/11) through Miami, across Biscayne […]

Sojourner Cruises into 2013

It has been awhile since our last posting and much has happened in the interim.  After jumping the Gulf and meandering southward, Sojourner turned east at Ft. Myers and took the Okeechobee Waterway across inland Florida to the east coast.  In contrast to our first trip on this waterway  (Spring 2009), we had no problems […]

Quick Note

Wel-l-l-l…  we thought we had solved the “slideshow” function… With the help of some friends, we found a couple workarounds if  the slideshow in the latest posting delivered to your e-mail doesn’t show and slide automatically: On some I-phones (older than 5) and MAC’s, there’s a question:  ”Trouble clicking?” at the very bottom of the […]


We wish you and yours the very best of this most special season and much happiness in the New Year! 2012 has certainly been full and exciting for us!!  Early in the year, we fulfilled Susan’s long time  fantasy to “winter in the Keys” when we split the months of December, January and February  between Key […]

Quick Note

With the latest posting, we discovered that seems to have replaced the blog’s “slideshow” function with a “gallery “of thumbnail pix …  Until we figure out how to once again embed a slideshow within a posting, we updated the latest post.  We replaced the “gallery” with a hot link to a Flickr set of […]

Sojourner “Jumps” the Gulf of Mexico!!

On the day after Captain Donald joined us in Carrabelle, all the predictions and predictors indicated an “increasingly smooth” ride for those “jumping” across the Gulf of Mexico from the Panhandle to Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg on Florida’s west coast. We tried as best we could to take our time in preparing for […]

Heading East to Get South

After an enjoyable stay in Mobile which included some sight-seeing to places Susan remembered from living there a lifetime ago, Sojourner headed east and hopefully to warmer weather.  Our next destination was Carrabelle, near the eastern edge of the Florida Panhandle. Most cruisers “jump” the Gulf of Mexico to get to the west coast of […]