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What wat is that?

Position, 07.57N 098.26E

Storyteller’s first three months in Thailand started with a bang, with an exciting trip with Jackie and Michael from Lady Kay, en route from the UK to their yacht in Mackay. On our trip up the Andaman Sea from Phuket, to wi…

Storyteller in the Bay of Bengal

Position,  06.17N   99.41EI’m writing this blog as I pack for the flight home from Langkawi in northern Malaysia. Since it seems that Storyteller will be in Equatorial waters for the forseeable future a huge amount of warm clothing and bedding is goi…

Back to the first world

Position:  01.20N  103.38WIt's no coincidence that as I write this the Singapore Stock Exchange is making a bid for it's Australian counterpart. Coming from Indonesia we are finding it a huge culture shock to be in such an incredibly modern c…

In the Land of Lord Jim, almost on the Equator

Position,  02.44s  11.44E(by Claire Owen, as Sue would prefer to do the dishes) Here we are in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, anchored
about 30 km up the Kumai River. We had been warned in advance that the river
was muddy and mosquito in…

Fwd: A touch of first world luxury

Position,  08.21S  116.07EThis is where I was lolling reading my book this morning–John was having a massage. If you wish dinner can be set up in these gorgeous gazebos. There seem to be lots of honeymoon couples enjoying romantic dinners, not to…

Fwd: Colourful Bema

Because the sat phone connection is slow we weren't able to send photos with our last report. However since it is such a colourful place  we include these now that we have a fast connection.The harbour master looks bemused as we climb aboard our t…

The Real Indonesia

Position  08.08S  117.22E
We could have stayed snorkelling over the wonderful
reefs of the Komodo Islands for weeks, but lack of fruit and veg and ourboard
fuel forced us to move west to civilisation on the large island of Sumbawa,
known fo…

Fwd: Onward to the Komodo Islands, West Flores

Position,  08.32S  119.50E Since the last blog we've travelled south west about 350 nautical miles (680 km) to Labuan Bajo, the stepping off point to the Komodo Islands, famous for diving, and of course, the famous Komodo dragons. In the course …

Fw: Wakatobi Welcome, South East Sulawesi

Position, 05.19S  123.32E

After beautiful Banda we received a reality check at Ambon where we spent
only two days before the two-day trip to the Wakatobi islands where we have
spent the past five days. As you'll see from the photo of Anne…

Fw: Spice Islands Festivities

Position  04.31S  129.53E

Four days after leaving Darwin we arrived at Bandaneira, the capital of the
tiny Banda Islands, previously known as the Spice Islands. Of all the places we
have visited, this is possibly the most beautiful and cert…