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This really sucks the big one!

It would appear this Yachblogs platform is on its way out. Not making money, or whatever, but it is being closed down! Access for my visitors does not change, it will be at the same place (under the “blog” link at but now I have to try and figure out how to move all … Continue reading »

Roy Young – the Little Richard of England

Going through our old video tapes, yes tapes, I found this treasure of Mr. Roy Young playing my piano at a little party we had aboard a friend’s boat in Ashbridges Bay Toronto, back in 1991. My friend who owned the boat, a nice ol wooden Trojan, told me he had invited a pretty special … Continue reading »

Rain All Day in January!

As those of us who live in Ontario know, it rained most all day in Bobcaygeon today and now we have a hellish freeze-up to look forward to. As a cruiser and a liveaboard boater, I have been watching the weather patterns for the last 30 years and I can tell you, things are changing. … Continue reading »

What can happen on Facebook!

A while back I accepted a friend request from a stranger. I checked her out and accepted only because I saw some references in regards to places in Hungary on her page. In Hungary, 57 years ago I was only three and have just lost my father to Australia, where he ended up after running … Continue reading »

Arrival of the DEEP-FREEZE

A crisp, cold but beautifully bright high pressure Northern Ontario morning. Taken at 08:30 with the last 24 hour’s max H and L values:  

Found Video

Going through some of our files from this past summer we found this video Wendy did in the Kirkfield Liftlock. We are in the ascending chamber (tub). This lock is one of the two biggest lift-locks ever constructed in the world (the other one being a few miles downstream in Peterborough). It is basically two … Continue reading »

From the wheelhouse

View from the wheelhouse on a beautiful sunny morn:

Last year’s webcam images

Today it is blowing a very cold wind off the lake; indoor projects day. Here is a random archived slideshow of our wheelhouse cam – 2012. For the most part at our dock on North Pigeon Lake, with also downtown Bobcaygeon / Lock 32 of the Trent Severn Waterway and a cruise on the Trent … Continue reading »

Stand by for DEEP-FREEZE

Still mild today but no sun. We took this picture yesterday:

A deep-freeze of – 25º C is in the forecast…..

Boatshow rain

The best barometer for Canadian boaters living in Ontario has always been the Toronto International Boat Show. We always knew that when the wind howls and temps dip to frigid values, it must be boatshow time! We used to dread the walk between the parked car and the building, unless we arrived early enough to … Continue reading »