Playa Pichailingue, Day 3

Since Christi wasn’t up for cooking, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 24) by eating out. Our friends on Oceananigans offered to drop us off in town on their way to their Thanksgiving festivities. This time, we rode into … Continue reading

Playa Pichailingue, Day 2

On Wednesday (November 23), Christi was awoken at 0400 to the noise of big rig trucks, ships and pangas. We realized that in addition to the ferries, container ships and cruise ships also utilized this terminal. Here is a photo of … Continue reading

Isla San Francisco to Playa Pichailingue

On Monday, November 21, the crescent moon was still visible well into the fiery red sunrise. The kids from Oceananigans came over to play first thing in the morning. They were leaving in the mid-morning, so they maximized their playtime. … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on Espiritu Santo and Our Second Trips to San Evaristo and Isla San Francisco/Le point de vue de Keith sur Espiritu Santo et nos seconds voyages à San Evaristo et Isla San Francisco

I loved Isla Espirtu Santo!!! It is awesome! There is a great hike. It has a bunch of rocks; I had to jump from one to another! J’ai aimé Isla Espiritu Santo!!! C’était merveilleux! Il y avait une très belle … Continue reading

Second Trip to Isla San Francisco, Day 2

The crescent moon was also bright in the early light of Sunday, November 20. All the dots of light are boats in the anchorage. It was packed. Sunrise In the morning, Eric tried to fill another tank. It seemed a … Continue reading

Ensenada del Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo to San Evaristo to Isla San Francisco

On Friday, November 18, the crescent moon was still shining brightly even as the day dawned. Oceananigans in the glow of sunrise Eric was eager to refill the tanks and dive again, so he spent some time in the early … Continue reading

Ensenada del Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo, Day 4

Fish activity around Kosmos the morning of Thursday, November 17 Eric had made plans to go diving along the big rock island with some of the Oceananigans crew. Diving the rock was even better than snorkeling it was. They saw … Continue reading

Ensenada del Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo, Day 3

The moon was still high in the sky and vibrant at the first light of dawn on November 16, 2022 Sunrise was dramatic It was windier today than it was yesterday, and the anchorage was rockier. We went snorkeling around … Continue reading

Ensenada del Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo, Day 2

Sunrise on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 Eric did not sleep well from all the rolling in the anchorage. First thing in the morning, he deployed a flopper stopper. It helped some, but it was still uncomfortable. The water was too … Continue reading

San Evaristo to Ensenada del Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo

Sunrise on Monday, November 14 We left at 0800 for Ensenada Candelero on Isla Espiritu Santo. We were frustrated to find that the exhaust leak is back. 🙁 The sea conditions were smooth overall, though there were enough small waves … Continue reading