Colmar, France

On the second day of our Rhine River cruise, we visited beautiful Colmar in France’s Alsace region. The city is full of centuries-old half-timbered buildings lining winding cobblestone lanes. And when we were there, the Christmas markets were in full swing with holiday decorations everywhere. Colmar also is notable for being the hometown of Frederic-Auguste…

Samsung QN55Q70RA

When we ordered Dirona back in 2009, we replaced the standard port-side settee with a custom TV lift sized to handle a 46-inch flat-screen. And during commissioning in Seattle, we installed a Samsung LN46B750 46-inch TV, which was reasonably state-of-the-art at the time. While we’ve had some troubles with the TV lift, the Samsung TV…

She’s Still Havin’ Fun

Dora has still been making her daily trek to the dog park. It doesn’t really matter who turns up, she still has fun. The past few days she’s been playing with Dory, a guest at the hotel.

And if no other dogs arrive, she finds other ways to entertain herself…


What did Mom just say? She asked for just one dog to be injury free. Dora cut her paw at the dog park this morning and is now in a sock like Dee Dee. Dora doesn’t need a cone, yet. Although we do now have three cones onboard. But it looks like Mom will be playing nursemaid to the entire crew for a while. Sigh…

Basel, Switzerland

In late December we flew to Basel, Switzerland to embark on a week-long Rhine River cruise back to Amsterdam. Lying just south of the Rhine River border between France and Germany, Basel is the second-largest economic center in the country and the third-highest in population. We arrived mid-morning for a 10pm ship departure and spent…


Two out of three of the Red Head crew are wearing cones of shame. We tried to avoid it – we really, really tried.  But Dylan started scratching at his incision in the middle of the night. And Dee Dee kept getting her sock off to chew on her paw. T…

Dylan’s Terrible Day

Dylan had a growth behind his ear that had been problematic. Today he was scheduled for surgery to have it removed. It required putting him completely under which was a bit concerning for a 12 and a half year old dog. He has a pretty big incision along with medication for the pain. But that’s not why his day was so terrible…

Prior to surgery, Dylan couldn’t eat anything after bedtime and his surgery wasn’t until 11 am. That meant over 12 hours without food or treats. An empty food dish, now that is truly horrifying.

He came through with flying colors and was even released early. Dylan is happy to be back on the boat with the rest of the crew.

But best of all, Dad gave him some food. Of course, Dee Dee and Dora thought that was pretty unfair.

We’re all glad to have it behind us. There’ll be no dog park until the stitches come out but Dylan will definitely be getting some extra love (and maybe even some extra treats, after all, he does have some making up to do).

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Happy New Year?

Poor Dee Dee. It’s hard to have a happy new year while wearing the cone of shame… The poor girl has been struggling with a hot spot on her paw. After weeks of effort it’s not getting better. Her mom  was forced to resort to “the cone.” Mom is hoping she won’t need it for long.

The Red Head crew is hoping you will have a terrific new year!