San Evaristo, Days 3 and 4

Sunrise on Friday, November 11 Our plan was to do our chores, go snorkeling, and then go to shore for dinner. Somehow, the day disappeared. By the time we were ready to go snorkeling, it was so late in the … Continue reading

San Evaristo, Day 2

On Thursday (November 10) the long-promised strong winds from the north finally arrived. It was a noticeably cool wind. The anchorage was nice and calm. We went to shore at lunch time. Our first goal was to check out the … Continue reading

Isla San Francisco to San Evaristo

Sunrise on Wednesday, November 9. The full moon was still high in the sky and shining bright. We are sad to report that we had another uncomfortable night. Unfortunately, the flopper stopper got caught on the shackle and wasn’t working … Continue reading

Isla San Francisco, Day 2

The first thing that Eric did when he got back up on Tuesday (November 8) was to go check the dinghy for damage. He was horrified to see that there were two large holes in the side. Fortunately, they were … Continue reading

Bahia Agua Verde to Isla San Francisco

Sunrise on Monday, November 7 We got up early, did the last minute things to get Kosmos ready for sea, and pulled up anchor at 0620, as the sky began to lighten in the pre-dawn glow. As you may have … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on Isla San Francisco and San Evaristo

I disliked Isla San Francisco. There were a bunch of bugs! They went for our faces! The bugs were everywhere; on land and on the boat. We went on a hike, but it was horrible because the bugs attacked us! … Continue reading

Bahia Agua Verde, Day 7

On Sunday morning (November 6), we were not in a good mood when we woke up. As we’d mentioned in yesterday’s post, the motion in the anchorage was uncomfortable, and the discomfort lasted all night. None of us slept well.  … Continue reading

Bahia Agua Verde, Day 6

On Saturday morning (November 5), it was still rolly in the anchorage. The wind had calmed down some and the rolling had also improved improved a bit, so it wasn’t quite as bad as it had been the day before.  … Continue reading

Bahia Agua Verde, Day 5

Sunrise on Friday, November 4 We woke up to ominously grey skies and strong, cool wind. It looked like it was going to rain, though it never did. The anchorage was rolly and uncomfortable. Eric put out the other paravane … Continue reading

Bahia Aqua Verde, Day 4

Q: What is the difference between paravanes and flopper-stoppers? You guys seem to use the words interchangeably in your blog posts. A: Paravanes are a stabilization system designed to be used while the boat is in motion. It involves lowering … Continue reading