Jan. 28 – Rafting Adventure

“Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind” – Marty Rubin

Today’s adventure took us on a rafting trip down the Sevegre River. It’s considered the most pristine river in Costa Rica, because there are no factories, power plants or manufacturing sites to pollute the water and only about 1,000 people live on the banks. We met our tour at Dominical Surf Adventures in Dominical at 8:00…kind of early for people on vacation.



This morning’s headline:  “75% of the US population will suffer below-freezing temps this week”

The Red Head crew wants you to know it’s been freezing here as well, by Key West standards anyway. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora woke to 56 degrees this morning. Not too bad for the two Maine born, thick-furred Labs but pretty darn cold for a thin-furred Coonhound from Florida. 

Hoping everyone is staying safe and warm. 

Jan. 27 – Catching Up

“Live your life by a compass not a clock.” – Stephen Covey
Today I’m going to try and catch up. There are photos I wanted to share, but I just didn’t have space for them in the earlier posts. We’re enjoying our time in Dominical…wandering around town, enjoying the coastal views and relaxing at our amazing house. We even went white water rafting, but more on that tomorrow. These pictures are mostly from Quepos.


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The Rijksmuseum art and history museum was founded in 1800 in the Hague and moved to the current Amsterdam location in 1885. It’s the largest and most visited museum in the Netherlands and annually sees over 2 million visitors. We spent much of our time there viewing the museum’s treasures, including Golden Age masterpieces by…

Jan. 26 – Dominical, Costa Rica

“To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.” –Emilia Wickstead

We moved today to Dominical, our second stop along the Pacific coast, it’s a beach-front town about 28 miles south of Quepos. The town began as a small fishing village but has grown into a tourist attraction, mostly for surfers. We’re actually staying about five miles north of Dominical in a wonderful house that over looks the ocean…a little out of the way, but very relaxing. The area between Quepos and Dominical is dotted with African oil palm plantations which produce palm oil.

Anne Frank House

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Jan. 25 – Los Campesinos Ecolodge

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” —Gabby Basora

Stan and I like to look for activities that are a little off-the-beaten-path. We’re not the normal tourist that like to visit every museum or touristy place, in fact those are the places we try to avoid. So after our adventure yesterday at Manual Antonio National Park, it was time to get away from the crowds. 

I do research to find local places and things that will lead us to something different and less crowded. In my research I found Los Campesinos, it’s a little known community-based ecotourism organization deep in the mountains north of Quepos. It took us about an hour to get there, up a mountain road that was a bit bumpy and steep, but no wear near as bad as the road to Rio Celeste last year. The drive itself was part of the adventure…it took us pass charming Tico (local) villages and we saw some beautiful lush green sights.

Jan. 24 – Manuel Antonio National Park

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” —Gustav Flaubert
The main tourist attraction in this area of Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s popular for a reason…it has lush jungle, abundant wildlife and exquisite beaches. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing day on one of four pristine beaches or hike through the vibrant, green rainforest. From tide pools alive with crustaceans to endangered monkey species to stunning scenic vistas, the park is a spectacular destination.


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