Stornoway Projects

The replacement parts for our failed generator arrived from the US into the UK two days after we reached Stornoway, but got stuck in the UPS system for another eight days. While we waited, we completed some other projects, including finishing off the wax job we’d started at the Isle of Gigha. We also arranged…

We Need More Shampoo

It rained most of the day yesterday. That meant the kids were stuck on the boat. Mom and Dad paid for that transgression last night… Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora had to get some exercise today. Mom formed a plan. Rather than take two dogs to a potentially muddy dog park, the whole crew took a walk this morning and then Dad took Dora to the park by herself.

Turns out it was a wise decision.

Mom’s pretty smart but she definitely needs more shampoo.

Provisioning in Stornoway

We spent our first few days in Stornoway busily reprovisioning the boat. After six trips to the grocery store, sometimes twice in one day, we still had a few more items to purchase. But our list was down to a half page from three. We also topped up our propane and engine oil supplies, and…

Little Port Walter

After four nights on the hook in Red Bluff Bay, it feels good to be cruising once again. Our weather forecast predicts seas building this afternoon in Chatham Strait so we have an early departure of 6 am. It is a beautiful 30 mile cruise south along the eastern shore of Baranof Island. The snow […]

What Did We Do Wrong Officer?

While anchored in Cannery Cove, we spot a 100 foot boat heading towards the anchorage. We have seen this boat before. It’s The Enforcer, the Alaska State Trooper Boat. They deploy their small skiff and three agents are soon motoring through the harbor. We are the only boat here so are sure they will come […]

Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat

Another morning, another dog park visit, eight more muddy paws.

It’s Worth It

It rained last night, hard. At 9:36 am, Mom received a text from Dad, “Mud everywhere…” It’s an SOS concerning Dylan and Dora’s time at the dog park. Mom meets them on the deck of a Red Head with shampoo and towels.

Here is a small example of what happen. Now that’s fun. Even Dylan gets in on it.

A bit of a wash and towel off leads to an afternoon of this.

And this. Make sure the volume is up.

June 23-26 – Graham’s Visit

“Teach them to boat when they are little and they will have a lifetime of adventures!” -Author Unknown

The main reason we spend our summers in upstate New York is to be close to our son and his family in PA. Spending time with our family is the most important thing in our life at this moment. We love to explore new places, but we love our family more. We’re blessed to be able to spend half the year with Eric and his family in Texas and the other half with Kyle and his family. The bonus is we get to stay away from the extreme weather in both places. 

Lead-Acid Battery Lifetime

Batteries are complex electro-chemical devices and sensitive to operator mistakes and charging system configuration errors. Just a couple of deep discharge cycles can lead to early failure. Long periods without fully charging can reduce the capacity of a battery bank. Equalization (extended charge periods at controlled high-voltage charging) can partially reverse some of these effects,…

Replacing GenSet Cylinder Head Part I

  In the previous installment of our maintenance series, we diagnosed lack of power output on a Northern Lights M843NW3.3 12KW generator with 6,700 hours of use over 10 years. We concluded the #3 cylinder exhaust valve seat had failed. In this second part of the series covering the low power output issue with our…