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Baja California Summary/Highlights/Lowlights

On July 6, 2022, Kosmos set off on a Sea of Cortez adventure! We stopped in Ensenada to check into Mexico. From there, we did an 828 nautical mile (nm), 5-day non-stop passage to the La Paz area. We spent … Continue reading

Antarctica Gear

We brought a lot of gear with us on our trip to Antarctica. Most was for keeping warm, dry, and comfortable in the colder weather, but we also brought a variety of other equipment, including cameras, binoculars and a dry bag. In this post, we describe what we brought, what we were glad to have,…

Keith’s Thoughts on Baja/Réflexions de Keith sur Baja

Overall, I like Baja California, Mexico It has it’s good parts and it’s bad parts. It has beautiful scenery (mostly rock formations… most plants we found were cactus or dead).  Dans l’ensemble, j’ai aimé Baja California. Mexico a des bons … Continue reading

The Last Leg Home — Our 8-Month Baja Adventure is Officially Over

(*Sorry for the delay in posting. Life got busy once we got back to San Diego) On Sunday, March 5, we awoke at 0300 to do the last minute things to get Kosmos ready to go to sea. We untied … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective of Ensenada, the Last Leg Home and Being Home/Le point de vue de Keith sur Ensenada, la dernière étape du retour et le fait d’être chez soi

I had a good time in Ensenada. Well… except for when I got two teeth pulled. It hurt a lot. Lot lot. We ate out a a few times. One place was a French restaurant, and another place had pastries. … Continue reading

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu National Park was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984 for its “striking natural beauty and the magnificent liaison between land and water” and also was voted as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Straddling the border between Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu River pours over the edge of volcano-blasted Parana…

Ensenada, Days 3 and 4 — The New Science Museum and Back to the New Malecon

Friday, March 3 was a chore day for us. Here was the sunset. On Saturday, March 4, we went to breakfast at our second favorite restaurant, Los Veleros. It is cheerfully decorated with bright, colorful paintings of sailboats. It was … Continue reading

Ensenada, Day 2

On Thursday (March 2), we went to our favorite restaurant in Ensenada, El Rey Sol, for lunch. El Rey Sol opened in 1947 and is the oldest French restaurant in all of Mexico. “The Sun King” was a title given … Continue reading

Passage from Bahia de Tortugas to Ensenada

On Monday, February 27, we woke up at 0300 to do the last-minute things needed before setting out to sea. We pulled up anchor at 0400. Christi station-kept while Eric went out to set his custom made anchor plate locking … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on Turtle Bay and the Passage to Ensenada

Turtle Bay is a nice bay. It has a small town, and some restaurants. There was a person who  had a water taxi service and could take us to the town on his boat. But he dropped us off at … Continue reading