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Library at Ephesus.

Laurie, Steve & Di "spending a penny" at the ancient public toilets at Ephesus

Laurie, Amy and ‘friend’ in Cesme

Di, Laurie, Steve & Jane outside the library at Ephesus, erected AD114

Steve, Laurie & Jane sitting in the odeum (theatre used for council meetings) erected AD150.

Amazing Ephesus – The Stoa.

Di & Amy on castle walls at Sigicik – we anchored outside here

Vegetables at Alacati market, so fresh and so cheap!

Laurie and Amy in Envoy’s Salon

Amy’s and Steve & Jane Wilson’s visit

We had planned to enter Dalyan harbour for the period of Amy’s visit, and for Steve & Jane’s arrival, but at the last moment were advised there was no room. It’s preferable to be in a harbour when leaving Envoy for several hours at a time, but we…