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A favourite photo of Envoy anchored off Cefalu in Sicily, epitomising the cruising life of a great boat, and exotic locations

Envoy’s plans for 2011.

SUMMARY OF 2010 AND THOUGHTS ON ANCHORINGWe had a great 252 days aboard Envoy in 2010 and cruised about 1,800NM.After we left Marmaris the only major technical problem we had was the failure of the main gearbox in Crete. This was repaired in about two …

Happy New Year 2011

Envoy came safely out of the water in Marmaris, and is now under cover on the hard. We’ve heard that the regulation about discharging water containing detergent into the sea has been canned, and it’s great to see common sense prevail. This relates …

Marina life and Merry Christmas

The weather here stayed surprisingly warm and fine, and only this week has started to be wintry with temperatures under 20dC. We haven’t turned a heater on yet, and the sea water is still 21dC.All is well with us at the marina, which is said to be the …

Safely back in Marmaris marina

Di and I are really well, and on Monday 15 we berthed in Marmaris marina for the winter, ending our 2010 cruise of 168 days and 1,782 nautical miles. It’s a great feeling to have returned safely without any major dramas – the only serious technical p…

Photos on blog

Photos on the blog are quite small to see, but you can enlarge them to full screen size by left clicking on the photo. The “Charles Atlas” photo was a bit of fun from Chris using his photo edit skills.

Ancient harbour of Knidos – note calm water!

Envoy with stabilisers

Chris and ‘Charles Atlas’ at Bozuk Buku!

Castle at Bozuk Buku – How did they build this?